Two-Step Cauliflower Hummus

cauliflower hummus

Typically we think of colorful foods (i.e., fruits & veggies) as being the most beneficial for our health – this is because each hue represents a unique class of nutrients that particular food contains. The greater variety of colors you get, the better, because nutrients work in the body synergistically.

Put simply, color = nutrients. (Naturally-occurring color – not the artificial kind!)

And, more colors = better!

This is why you may hear the term, “eat the rainbow.”

However, unlike processed white foods (like sugar or bread)which are devoid of nutrientscauliflower is one white food that should be in your rotation.

Did you know that just 1 cup of cauliflower gives you 73% of the vitamin C you need in a day?

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable that contains disease-fighting and anti-inflammatory compounds, such as sulforaphane and quercetin. These phytonutrients are beneficial for many of our bodily systems – e.g., your cardiovascular and digestive health. Sulforaphane is also known to decrease the risk of certain forms of cancer.

With that being said, this recipe is a delicious alternative to traditional hummus, replacing the chickpeas or beans with cauliflower. It’s so good!

cauliflower hummus

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Two-Step Cauliflower Hummus
A delicious alternative to traditional hummus made with nutrient-rich cauliflower.
  1. Steam the cauliflower until cooked but not mushy.
  2. Add all ingredients to a food processor and process until smooth!

It’s that easy! If you want the texture of your hummus to be more creamy, add a little more olive oil or even a tablespoon or two of water – that should help.

Cauliflower is just so versatile!

I saw purple cauliflower at the store the other day – I think I’ll try that next!

Give these buffalo cauliflower ‘wings’ a try as well. You will not be disappointed.


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