Initial Consultation (60-90 minutes)

A complete assessment of your overall health and lifestyle, which can be completed in the convenience of your home (if you live in the Los Angeles area) or via Skype, e-mail, or telephone. This includes a discussion of nutrition, medical and weight history, pertinent labs and medications, and your health and nutrition goals. Kacie will calculate your daily nutrition needs and thoroughly explain how to best meet these needs with a focus on balance of macronutrients, portion sizes and recommended foods. A nutrition plan is created together, tailored to your individual needs and preferences. Kacie will provide in-depth recommendations that will leave you feeling empowered to reach your goals.

Follow-Up Session (30-40 minutes)

A plan for follow-up appointments is based on the unique needs of each client and typically includes a review of the meal plan, discussion of the food log and current dietary intake patterns, weigh-in, and monitoring of progress.

*Nutrition counseling packages are also available. For package or pricing info, contact Kacie here.